Gift Certificates

Give your loved ones or friends the gift that lasts for years this holiday. A Gift Certificate for dance lessons at ADC will quench their desire to do something intriguing and unique. Taking Ballroom or Latin Dance Lessons offers more than just learning a dance. It gives confidence, fun, exercise, rekindles romance (or may start a new one), and a host of other benefits too long to list.  

Please click this sentence to create "Gift Certificates" in any denomination. Or, go to our "Online Store" for packages already created. 
Below are some suggestions that a Gift Certificate would be a great idea for.
Christmas / Hanukkah / Kwanzaa / Holidays
Holidays are full of joy, gift giving, and tons of parties. It's more fun to get out on the dance floor at these parties and shake that groove thang. Click the link or come by and pick up an American Dancesport Center Gift Card and give the gift that keeps on giving. What better way to enjoy every party and celebration.
Your wedding is one of the most important and memorable times of your life. Couples spend a lot of time and money preparing for this special moment and then have it videotaped as a keepsake to always look back on. Every bride and groom wants to look good dancing to their favorite song and remember that beautiful feeling of when they fell in love. Why not give them the gift of dance lessons before their wedding. Make their first dance as memorable as every other part of their wedding. Wedding gift packages are available for the WHOLE wedding party, or just the bride and groom. 
Dance lessons are perfect for the couple who is planning an anniversary party and would like to have a dance for themselves to perform for the guests at their party. Maybe you are the couple who did not get to have that first dance when you got married . Or, after viewing the wedding video, you wished your first dance was a little more special than the popular swaying from side to side. American Dancesport Center can make this happen for you, and it makes the perfect anniversary gift to each other.
Do you know someone who doesn’t know how to dance, watches all of the dance programs on TV, or talks about wanting to learn how to dance? An American Dancesport Center Gift Card would be the perfect gift to give to them. We guarantee they will have fun and thank you again and again and again.
Sweet Sixteen / Quinceañera
American Dancesport Center can choreograph a dance routine for your daughter and friends to perform for your guests at her Sweet Sixteen or Quinceañera. She can learn to dance a traditional Waltz (or other dances) with dad for your “father-daughter dance”, or perform something original with the whole "Court". Parents, it is a wonderful gift to give to your child.
Bat/Bar Mitzvah
Young boys and girls aren’t usually excited to dance with their parents. Take out the awkwardness and give them self-confidence with a rehearsed dance. Fill their special moment by learning a mother-son or father-daughter dance routine. It makes for great memories and creates an unusual and exciting generational bond!
Do you have the desire to learn and dance like a teacher does? Look no further. ADC's "Dance Like A Pro" training system gives you everything you need to dance like a star, prepare you, and even test you for DVIDA Teacher (or Amateur) certification.