Bolero is a slow, smooth dance using gliding movement, dramatic arm styling and has a romantic feel. Bolero is a mixture of the Tango using contra body movements, the Rumba with Latin music and Cuban motion, and the Waltz.
Like so many dances that evolved from Cuba and the Caribbean, and having the same roots as the Rumba, the Bolero was a Spanish/African dance with a very slow Rumba style rhythm. Traditionally associated with romantic Spanish love songs, the Bolero is not only a sensuous dance of love, but also a style of love song very popular today, especially in the Spanish speaking communities.
A slight rise and fall (as found in Waltz) together with a smooth sophisticated movement and a romantic communication between the partners makes this the ideal dance of love. Turns, breaks, and wrapping type movements, together with changes of rhythm and a sense of playfulness towards one another, tell the story of this dance.