Hustle 70's

The Hustle was believed to have been created in New York in the 1970′s and was originally a Line Dance but developed into a partner dance.  This dance is considered a member of the Swing Family and is like the West Coast Swing in pattern.  It has a distinct flavor utilizing the Disco style music.  It brought partner dancing back in vogue among night club dancers. John Travolta and “Saturday Night Fever” made dancing the Hustle the “in” thing, especially for men.

The Hustle is a smooth, fast dance, with the lady spinning almost constantly, while her partner draws her close and sends her away.  This dance is characterized by its three count basic step and has a four count as well.  The Hustle is danced to popular disco music from the 70′s from artists such as Donna Summer, The Bee Gees, Chic and many more.