West Coast Swing

The West Coast Swing is directly related to the East Coast Swing and was undoubtedly born due to the style of music being played in the 1940′s, and the need for a dance that did not take up so much room.  The West Coast Swing has evolved into a “Slot” dance that allows more dancers into a small area, but encourages more individuality from the participants.

The West Coast Swing is a slow swing, danced in a slot, to a medium tempo of music.  Smooth, without any bounce, the partners will stay in the slot with the Lady providing most of the movement across and past the man.  Within these moves, there is the opportunity for individuality by the use of various maneuvers such as turns, spins, and different rhythms and footwork.  Good music for this dance has come from a variety of style – Rock and Roll and Country Western being just two.