September Bulletin
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2) October 9th Showcase Tix: Now On Sale for $35/p. 1st Come, 1st Serve!

ADC's "Phase 1" Safe Re-opening Measures since May 4th, 2020.

During this unfortunate time of Sars-Cov2 (the virus that causes Covid-19), we have taken the CDC's guidelines and amplified them to what some may refer to as "going overboard".  It is better to "go overboard" so that you know we are caring for your well-being while on our premises.  So, enjoy dancing, the human interaction, and all the benefits from taking your 1-on-1 classes. Leave "the virus" shielding to us.

HOW WE PROTECT YOU since re-opening May 4th, 2020:

1a) GROUP CLASSES - have began in mid-June and are by pre-paid RSVP Only (FREE to Private Lesson Members).  No more than 9 people max., partners will NOT switch, additional precationary measures shown below.
1b) PRIVATE LESSONS - will be enjoyed with ONLY 1 Lesson going on in the studio (no more than 4 people max) inside the building at a time.  Doors will be locked to prevent overlap and each instructor has different times and days allocated to them.
Masks or Facial coverings (covers nose and mouth)  MUST be worn upon entering the studio at all times....No Exceptions! 

2) TOUCH-FREE THERMOMETER scans and hand sanitizer - will be administered upon entering our studio. Also, hand santizer will be administered to both teacher and student several times during the lesson. (Unfortunately, anybody with a temperature of 99.5 will NOT be permitted to enter.)
3) MASKS/ FACIAL COVERINGS - are to be worn covering mouth and nose at all times by both Teacher and Student. A mask will be happily provided to you FREE if you do not have your own face covering.
4) CLEANING/DISINFECTING - our dance floor, tables. chairs, reception desk, and bathroom will be sprayed, wiped down, and disinfected with disinfectant cleaner and Lysol twice per day. (The more commonly touched handles, buttons, and switches will be cleaned even more often.)
5) GLOVES - will be made available for you but are not mandatory. Hand sanitizing and good hand washing practices have a higher rate of efficacy.
Things you WILL appreciate but probably WON'T notice:
1) Only Proven Disinfectants - that are on the EPA's "List N" or have an "Emerging Viral Pathogen Claim" for use against the Sars-Cov-2 AND are proven effective to work in 2 minutes (or less), will be used (Example: Lysol spray, Spray Nine, etc)
2) UV-C lights - that also emit Ozone (O3) will be used at night for 60 mins to kill all viruses and bacteria in the studio.
3) MERV Level 13 - air conditioning filters are used to filter out the smallest Viruses, Bacteria, and Allergens from recirculating once trapped in this filter. (Most Residential homes use MERV Level 5 - 8. Hospitals and sterilized Surgery Rooms use MERV Level 13-16.)
4) Since April - we have been busy learning, studying, and applying what "TO DO" (as well as "NOT to do") from the best and brightest minds. We have sifted through the myths and misinformation to understand this virus. We have been strategizing how to reopen safely so to keep our staff, students, families, and facility protected. 
     We have acquired 1,000 ear loop 3 ply masks, 200 kn95 masks, 800 pairs of gloves, 6 gallons of Hospital grade Disinfectant Spray & Cleaner proven effective against the Covid-19 virus, 2 gallons of 99% Isopropyl Alcohol, 2 gallons of hand sanitizer, 2 non-contact digital IR infrared thermometer guns, 2 UV-C Lights (aka Virus Killers), 12 a/c filters (MERV Level 13), and 1.5 gallons of liquid hand soap.
We're taking this seriously and want you to feel at ease knowing you are protected upon entering our facility. Also, we've got you covered. We bought enough supplies so you wouldn't have to dip into your own, use ours. All of this has been purchased from local pharmacies and medical supply stores in Broward & Palm Beach Counties. If there is anything you feel we have left out and that would make you feel comfortable please let us know!  We aim to keep you safe.
We appreciate a lot of you for reaching out and we do understand your boredom.  However, by adopting the methods mentioned above, we aim to keep ADC your safe home away from home. Those interested in participating in our "1 teacher, 1 student per hour" method of attending your Private Lesson should call and express interest. Unlike the days before the virus, our teachers now have been allocated rotating days and we anticipate slots to book up fast. 

Brad, Shirley, Richie, & Paola