Samba is an old Brazilian dance dated back to before 1914 when it was known as “Maxixe”. This dance is of African origin with strong African rhythms and has been danced in the streets of Brazil during Carnival for 100 years. Ballroom samba is very different from the samba danced in the streets of Brazil. Ballroom samba is also known as Corioca Samba which comes from the rural “Rocking Samba”.

Samba is a very energetic dance. The dancers must give an interpretation of exuberance, happiness and flirtatiousness. This dance requires a pelvic tilt action, rapid steps, rocking motion and the dancing couple swaying. Once you begin to master the characteristics of the Samba it may become one of your favorite dances. So if you need to release some energy and want to have fun, the Samba is the dance for you.