Meet The Staff


Brad ventured into dancing in high school out of necessity. He was interested in a girl that knew how to dance and quickly realized it would be smart for him to take lessons.  After a month, he fell in love with dancing and wished to make it a career. He now has over 20 years of teaching experience in Nightclub, Ballroom, Latin and Salsa (on 1, 2, & 3) dance styles and is a fully trained and certified "Senior DVIDA Dance Specialist". He is skilled in teaching beginner social dancing all the way up through advanced and competitive levels. Brad competes as a pro, as well as with his students in both American and International dance styles.
Brad’s philosophy is to always offer his students fun, professional, and knowledgeable instruction.
Brad is also the Master Teacher for the "Dance Like A Pro" and "Get Certified" training systems, preparing Instructors across America for the future!

Shirley has been dancing since she was 3 years old and experienced in tap, jazz and ballet, in addition to being a fully trained "Senior DVIDA Dance Specialist' specializing from Beginner through all levels of ballroom and latin dance.
Shirley competes as a pro with her students and earned her numerous awards at local, state and national competitions. Since Shirley grew up in a Spanish family, her Latin dances have that special flair. Don’t be surprised if you should see Shirley and Brad dancing at various events throughout the year.
Also from experience, Shirley truly understands all about the Sweet Sixteen, Quince, and wedding dance choreography and loves putting together routines that will burn a place in everyone's memories for a lifetime.

Ken is American Dancesport Center’s youngest Latin and Ballroom Specialist. Ken has taught for 3 years and has been a guest instructor at many studios and workshops across Florida.
Ken teaches both Nightclub, Ballroom, Latin and Salsa dance styles and is a fully trained "DVIDA Dance Specialist". He is skilled in teaching beginner's the art of social dancing. Ken is an accomplished, passionate, self-taught musician. He brings music theory and the knowledge of understanding rhythms into his lessons. It shows through his students’ excitement and smiles when they get lost to the music on the dance floor.

Paola has been dancing since her early childhood. She has experience in a wide range of dance styles including Ballet, Jazz, Salsa, Samba, Cheerleading Dance Teams, and Country.
Paola originally enrolled at Ballroom Dance Teacher's Academy of South Florida in 2009 located here within American Dancesport Center. She graduated the intense 24 month course in 23 different styles with High Honors. She is fully trained in all levels of Latin and Ballroom dancing.
She is a pro/am competitor as well as a social dancing instructor. Paola is a wonderful addition and we are very happy to have her as one of our fully Certified DVIDA Dance Specialist.

We would like to introduce you to Daniel, ADC's newest addition. Daniel has been living a life of music and dance from an early age. Coming from Hispanic heritage, he grew up dancing Latin style dances such as salsa, bachata, and merengue. His passion and interest in dance led him to pursue formal dance instruction in ballroom and Latin dance styles in Miami. He soon became an instructor and taught in Miami for four years. Daniel is an expert in casino style salsa, with great knowledge in the LA and NY styles of salsa as well. Furthermore, he was the lead bachata instructor at his studio for two years.
Daniel has choreographed multiple dance routines, from halftime shows at basketball games to first dances at weddings.

In addition to Daniel’s dance expertise, he is also an accomplished musician. Playing violin since he was since he was twelve, Daniel has performed in numerous orchestras and symphonies in Florida, even performing in the Florida All-State Symphonic Orchestra. He is also comfortable playing classical/Spanish guitar. His experiences in music are an invaluable asset to the studio.

Ahsya has been dancing Ballroom and Latin styles for the last 3 years. Her gracefulness and poise bring a flare and sense of class to her dancing. Ahsya is a Qualified "Junior DVIDA Dance Specialist".

Hewitt, also referred to as "Doc" started dancing when he was only 12 years old. Starting off in Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Modern, and even Mime, he also took up acting by age 19 in New York City. While looking for steady work he entered an Arthur Murray dance studio where they accepted him into their teacher training program. Since then he has performed and taught on various luxury cruise lines across the world. Hewitt is a Certified "Senior DVIDA Dance Specialist" and specilizes in teaching beginners and couples how to dance their first dance. He believes that if you walk into our studio on Monday, you should be able to dance out on Friday.
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