Why We're #1

Picking the right studio is essential to having great lessons and feeling results quickly. Here are a few important questions to remember to ask your new studio. If they answer NO to any of the questions, you may want to find one that answers YES.

Q) Are your instructors certified?  
It is shocking to know that only an estimated 30% of instructors in the U.S. are actually certified by some governing body. Having qualified instructors is the difference between taking 6 months to learn, or 6 years. Newer instructors often lack experience in teaching. Just because they may appear to dance well, doesn't mean they have the know-how to get you to. Certified instructors cost more to employ than non-certified instructors. The extra cost to have a certified instructor will save you time and money in the long run. Remember, you get what you pay for.

Q) Do you offer some way for me to try out your studio or how your instuctors teach?  
We offer an "Introductory Program" for only $30/p. It consists of 3 Private Lessons (30 mins ea) with a patient, caring, instructor. It answers everything you will need to know on this exciting journey of Ballroom and Latin dancing. Or, if a group setting is your preferance they are only $12/p. A partner is NOT necessary for either.

Q) Are we allowed to video our sessions?  
Although most studios frown upon it, we encourage you to do so. This way you may practice what you have just learned in the Group or Private Lesson.

Q) Are your Lessons 50 mins long?  
After the Introducory Lessons, you will be here for about an hour. Fifty (50) minutes will be spent on the dance floor and then we encourage you to video any pattern or technique you may wish to practice for easier recall. Some other studios have gone to the 40 or 45 minute lesson format so they can fit more sessions into a day. Usually only 40 minutes are spent on the floor and 5 minutes scheduling your next appointment.