The first thing that comes to mind when people hear of the waltz is romance, beauty, and elegance.  Most people believed the tango to be the world’s most forbidden dance, but did you know that the waltz was considered to be the most forbidden dance?  When the waltz was moved into Viennese dance halls, it was the first dance where partners were allowed to hold the women’s waist.
This was something that was not heard of and was slandered  by church officials and Austrian community leaders.  This dance was very much favored by the young, and it continues to be danced.  Waltz comes from the German word for turn which is “Waltzen”.  The essence of the waltz step is the turn.  The waltz is danced in 3/4 time with an accent on the first beat of every measure with turning steps and a close series of movements.
The waltz dates back from the middle of the Eighteenth Century making it the oldest of ballroom dances.