Kids Classes

Offer your child a fun, cultural, creative outlet as a healthy alternative to excessive gaming or hanging out with the wrong crowd after school! Dancing is a great way to develop social skills, self-esteem, respect for the opposite gender, muscle memory, hand-eye coordination, and best of all self-confidence in all we try!  We offer Private Lessons for Juniors in a package format. Most children under 18 years old (juniors) do not learn partner dancing for the purpose of social dancing, but rather to perform at a competition or showcase.  Even though most of our Juniors are on a "Jr Competitive Program", they all start their training at a "beginner" level. Depending on how many solo's or competitive routines are desired will determine how intense, what level, and the number of hours your child will need.  All of this is figured out when we have our one-on-one consultation and lesson with your child all for only $39. We guarantee that once your kids try a private class, both parent and child will be excited and wanting more!

We offer private lessons Mon-Fri from 1-9 for our junior competitors.  Call us at 561-558-1234 for more information or to schedule your class today!